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Following file solves some problems and adds some functions to PRO-GEN. You can download the version 3.22 on this page. This version also includes all previous changes.
The changes in version 3.22 are listed below. Changes in previous versions are listed on a separate page. This information is also available in PRO-GEN via 'Documentation'.


You can install version 3.22 by overwriting your existing PRO-GEN with the new version.
The setup program will keep your genealogical data, licence-data and most of the PRO-GEN settings for you. But of course it is wise to have a backup of your PRO-GEN data-files and of changes you may have made in the program-files.


PRO-GEN 3.22

8.099.560 bytes
  • Click on the file to start the download.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
download with Internet Explorer
  • A information-bar will appear in your browser. Click 'Download...'
  • and 'Execute'.
Mozilla Firefox
download with Firefox
  • Click 'Save file' and choose a directory to store the file.
  • In Windows Explorer go to that directory and double-click setup-pg322-gb.exe.
  • On Windows Vista and Windows 7 you must allow the PC to execute the setup program.
  • Select the directory where PRO-GEN is installed (standard C:\PG30).
  • A message will popup that this directory exists. Choose 'Yes' to use this existing directory.

Short description of the changes in version 3.22

*** changes in version 3.21 d.d. 15-12-2012 **************************************
- Installation: The setup-program and the PRO-GEN programfiles are now digitally signed.
- Installation: For Windows 10 the option 'Enable Ctrl key shortcuts' is switched off.
- Installation: New version of PGIT.
- License: PRO-GEN could crash when a license file was incomplete.
- License: The entered licencecode is checked for the correct length.
- Demo-version: A selection using VTX could crash the program.
- If a DEF file was empty, the PRO-GEN file could not be opened. Now the program will ask to select a valid DEF file.
- A long text in a menu could wrap to the next line.
- Macro's: A macro using F1/Ctrl-V in an info-field was not completed properly.
- Update settings: Will also update *.VTX, *.COL and ALT*.KEY files.
- Update settings: A file could be overwritten by an older version if the name was different in uppercase/lowercase.
- ASCII import: In het logfile the recordnumbers can now be seven digits long.
- GEDCOM export: In TIME fields a point-character will be replaced by a semicolon as required by the GEDCOM standard.
- GEDCOM export: The progressbar dit not always reach 100%.
- GEDCOM import: The message 'Error in GEDCOM line' will now have the person- or relation-number mentioned.
- GEDCOM import: As alternative to the standard tag 'CREM' now tag 'BURI' with 'TYPE Cremation' will also be accepted for a cremation.
- ASCII import: On Windows XP ASCII Import could crash at the end, leaving the resulting file one record short.
- Restore: A LZH-file that was marked read-only in Windows, caused problems at a later restore-action.
- Reports to file with accent character didn't work correct.
- The use of questionmarks in dates could cause strange effects in reports. For example 23-12-19?? could result in year 2065.
- Circular chart: New option to add a background image. Five background images are included: two drawings and three photos.
- Text report Ancestral line: When using ' *Output with all fields' now the children of the ancestor will also be included.
- RTF reports: The empty page at the end of the document is now suppressed.
- Printing in 'Landscape' did not work correct.
- For dates using befor/after/circa before the year 1000 the date formatting option could not suppress the leading zero.
- VTX: there are now 250 variables available (was 100).
- Output: In the PRN drivers character replacement can now be specified per style.
- In RTF and CSS output the minus-character will only in dates and names be replaced by a non-breakable hypen.
- Text report: The page for the INDEX will be suppressed if no indexing is chosen.
- VTX: New function #ENCODING$ will result in the value for charset= (utf-8 or iso-8859-1) used by HTML/CSS output.
- HTML/CSS: For Internet output the UTF-8 characterset will be used. So now the browser will correctly show lines in a 'Graphical output'.
- HTML/CSS: In the WEBSITE folder subfolders with the name of the PRO-GEN file can be made to store templates for a specific file.
- HTML/CSS: The numbering of the files is not restricted to 4 digits anymore.
- HTML/CSS: In the index the names using accented characters were not correctly sorted.
- Documentation: Release information is now stored as PDF.